CoE for Robotic Rehabilitation Treatments (CoE-REHAB) – Salerno, FDG & Bari, ICSM

CoE-REHAB, a clinical center for Rehabilitation Robotics and integrated pre-habilitation Technologies will be based in Southern Italy in two fully integrated and synergic nodes: one of FDG in Salerno (Campania Region) and the other of ICSM in Bari (Puglia Region). The two IRCCS are fully committed to significant investments so to empower very advanced clinical innovation activities in their southern facilities, as territorial reference centres and international best-practices for outpatient and home-based rehabilitation treatments so to close the benchside-to-bedside gap for integrated robotics & digital solutions, emerging from the Initiative results. These investments will be aimed at promoting innovative robot-based rehabilitation therapies and continuum of care and wellbeing solutions, so to develop and validate new sustainable and acceptable care models design, e.g., to enhance wellbeing in frail people, in persons suffering from chronic disease conditions, and in all patients, including paediatric and elderly population, with sensory-motor and cognitive disability, by measuring the dimensions of the social, healthcare and economic impact. These new nodes will also focus on advanced enabling technologies for: a) Salerno node– tele-rehabilitation, preventive medicine actions and pre-habilitation protocols with One-Health perspective, intended for the containment and, hopefully, reduction of the most critical risk factors, such as those for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases; b) Bari node – home-care settings for Chronic and Frail Patients and personalized, bio-cooperative therapeutic solutions for specific disabilities, with real-time integrated assessment and AI-based interpretation of quantitative rehabilitative outcomes based on monitoring multimodal psycho-physiological and gaming scores parameters. Within the first year of the project, the nodes will be activated in existing buildings inside or located close to the active medical centers, as new translational research labs and clinical trial centers based in more than 2000 m2 to be restructured and\or equipped with advanced robotic and digital technologies. The two nodes will be developed in strong synergy with various partners of the initiative (SSSA, CNR, UCBM, UNINA), with ICSM Telese Terme Institute and FDG Rome and Tricarico Institutes, as well as with all the relevant public and private actors on the related territories.